January 28, 2017

Is Your Chiropractic Profile Picture Doing You Favors?

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Ways to Improve Your Business Profile Photo

A few months ago I wrote about What Chiropractors Can Learn from Tinder and a huge emphasis was placed on profile photos.

We even know that website profile pictures can increase or decrease the bounce rate of your own website.

What a good profile photo can do for your influence

Having a great profile photo can help establish trust, build authority, alter perception and ultimately get people to “LIKE” you.

“If people like you they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you they’ll do business with you.” – Zig Ziglar

But it even goes deeper than just those factors.

Researchers at the Department of Psychology at University of York analyzed 1,000 images of faces in order to find the specific facial tics and features that help make a good first impression.

They came up with 65 different features that could affect one’s perceptions, things like “nose curve” and “cheekbone position” and “head area.” For each of the 65 features, they noted the effect of each on the following three distinct dimensions:

  1. Approachability – “Does this person want to help or harm me?”
  2. Dominance – “Can this person help or harm me?”
  3. Youthful-attractiveness – “Might this person be a good romantic partner or a rival?”

What makes a great profile photo?

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Based on evidence, the ideal business photo smile needs to strike a good balance. Teeth should be showing, and the corners of the mouth should be pointing up. But don’t go too far – a laughing smile (where there is a gap between your teeth) can be a bad thing in a business context.

The squinch

What is a squinch? It’s a slight squint, or narrowing of the eye height. Its that balancing point between fully open eyes, which can convey uncertainty, and a full-on squint, which looks like you’re staring into the sun. Research on profile photos suggests that a squinch does wonders for people’s perceptions of you in a professional context.

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