January 23, 2017

Are You Being a ChiroBaby?

By Dr. Timothy Schaub In Chiropractic Success, Opinion, Practice Management

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I’ve seen so many posts lately intimating that it’s so much harder to practice chiropractic now than it was years ago in “the Mercedes 80’s” when Health, and Accident Insurance reimbursements and payments were flowing freely. I even have observed frequent posts in various Facebook Groups where I’ve noticed comments by relatively new practitioners who whine incessantly: “it’s just soo much harder now than it was just a few short years ago!”

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The newer generations of Docs (of which there have been many since I started practicing in the 70’s and certainly since my Mother and Dad started practicing in the 40’s) have actually had it uber easy to become successful in practice. 

(I say this with one caveat – other than the ridiculously high student loans that our recent grads are facing today!) Actually, I’m overly qualified to say this is indeed crap talk because I started practicing in a state in the 70s when we weren’t even allowed to legally X-Ray a patient spine below the level of T12! 

You ask “Why?” “How could that be?” 

Well, it was just plain stupid, but stupid as it was, it was the law. This law (and many other stupid laws) resulted from the fact that the medical profession and state medical society fought chiropractic tooth and nail during those times! 

In fact, we were not allowed to advertise our services at all in the 70’s!

How would you like to start a practice without being able to announce you’ve opened your office?

I think you would not like that. 

You may not know this, but medical radiologists wouldn’t even take referrals from chiropractors in my state. 

Neither would the hospitals.

Why? All the radiologists in my state were assessed an additional $1,000 yearly professional fee that funded the “anti-quackery” campaign against chiropractors. How would you like to be professionally labeled a quack? Radiologists risked not being allowed to practice in the hospital if they took referrals for films from DCs! Would you young docs like to practice under those restrictions?  

Now, certain things have definitely changed in practice, but let’s be candid. We all know that LBP and sciatica pain are the most common conditions that motivates people to seek a DC’s services. 

So how would these practitioners of today like to start a practice when they couldn’t take films of a patient’s lower back or get films taken by the radiological lab up the street?

Come on, we all know the answer to that question! 

They’d really be whining today, wouldn’t they? 

I’m sure I will have eyebrows raised by certain self-proclaimed leaders within our educational institutions and by many practice management consultants (but certainly not all). But those of you that know me, know I really don’t give a damn what others say about me or my beliefs. 

The Chiro’s of today have unfortunately been “programmed” to think they’re facing new and unusual problems. This is, I believe, fear motivation by sales consultants designed as part of an effort to sell the latest, greatest, newest, totally automated turnkey, social media, Facebook system promised as an almost completely effortless way to attract new clients! The pitch seems to go something like this: “You just sit back after you buy my (usually very expensive program – which, by the way, you really can’t afford because you’ve got those hundreds of thousands of dollars of student loans to start paying off) very low priced system which will drive 100s of thousands of new patients/ month or year into your office- you don’t have to do anything at all (except of course pay off the monthly recurring charge on the credit card you give me)! 

But in reality, the new problems are a whole lot easier than the old ones we went through. My parents couldn’t use the title “Dr.” on a sign, a professional card, or their letterhead during the 25 years when they had to practice without a license, (between the 1940s and mid-1960s)!

How would you like to deal with that hassle? 

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Our pioneers receive little or no recognition for the schooling or study or work they’d done to become a DC? In fact, public opinion was that chiropractors simply wrote away for a mail order degree. How’d you like dealing with that misinformation and belief system?

MDs would not be referring “at all” to you. Now I’ve had as many as 17 Medical Physicians come into me as new clients in just one year!  

No insurance coverage at all – for 30 some years my parents practiced. 

Now we have MDs referring to us, now we have insurance coverage frequently, now the public pretty much knows that we have intensive schooling, and recognize us as Doctors, many insurance companies today even consider us to be specialists, etc… to put it bluntly, most of the newer docs do not know how bad it truly was. 

During the 1st day of Chiropractic College for my parents, they were fortunate enough to see their D.C. Professor arrested for practicing medicine without a license and be handcuffed, balled and shackled by US Federal Marshall’s and dragged out of the classroom. Gee, We should feel so sorry for the students of today’s schools. Have ANY of you witnessed that at your chiropractic school? 

We as a profession have become, of recent times, soft pussy cats instead of courageous lions ready to defend ourselves.  Why? Because we don’t have a big cause to fight for now! 

We’ve gotten the “recognition” and some of the “research findings” (ahh, that’s another one/please don’t get me started on that topic today). We’ve got the Professional licenses, the opportunity for inter-professional the referrals and the credibility that our generation of docs and my parents generation of docs did not!

Today the new generation have what exactly what the pioneers of this great profession wanted and fought for! So stop feeling sorry for yourself and your failure! Unfortunately, they are naturally demotivated because they have all lost their fight and comradery.

This is part of the problem with the entire profession, the majority of individuals practicing today do not understand the power they hold in their hands can produce a very affluent life. They are all looking for something outside of chiropractic like the MDs are looking for something outside of the body to make their patients well. 

So are way too many of the chiropractors because they don’t understand the principles of chiropractic or the power of the adjustment. 

Enter ChiroSushi. 

You need us so much more than you know! 

Enter ChiroSushi – we will focus you on new goals and bigger goals. Personally, I care little about the ones in this profession that don’t care about their young. They’re the ones who would eat them if they had the chance! 

We are here to feed you the Raw Delicious and Unadulterated Truth about the art, science, and philosophy of chiropractic – where’s it been and where you have the power to take it!

I want to see YOU at the ChiroSushiSummit.com  

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