January 17, 2017

Your Enlightened Practice

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Guest Post by Dr. Dawn Stranges

Success in business is most often (and quickly) defined as abundant financial generation. That’s an easy answer that satisfies most people.

That’s mediocrity. That’s not good enough for you. 

Your practice, in order to be healthy and able to grow organically, must be in coherence and congruity with its foundational core beliefs. If you are a Chiropractor who is philosophy-based, and you are marketing pain relief foremost, you have a disconnect. 

It’s time to stop short-changing yourself! How?

To uplift and enlighten your practice (and life), so it can grow, we need only look to the wisdom of Nature; the Vital Force. 

On the physical level, all of nature grows; growth is the natural process of expansion. When healthy growth of the Vital Force shifts out of balance, dis-Ease expands. Thus, the importance of balance is demonstrated in our health.

The mental and emotional levels, which play a vital role in developing your business, share similar dynamics. According to Dr. Rudolf Steiner, a contemporary of D.D. Palmer, and fellow Theosophist (who branched out to develop Anthroposophy), consciousness is an extension of the nervous system.

So, if we say that we are dedicated to healing the nervous system, we must take good care of our own, which will further express itself in our site of mind and emotions. 

So, what if we are not experiencing the consciousness we wish, or the success in business we desire? 

Let’s look to the nervous system! It is conducting the trains of thought patterns that feed our consciousness; our perceptions, evaluations, actions, decisions and outlook. 

Your nervous system makes constant choices about where you put your attention, which shapes your whole world. The beautiful and powerful fact is that the healing process can reverse dis-Ease (and lack of success).

Your mind is constantly thinking, and without training or direction, that part of your nervous system becomes undisciplined and a servant of whatever snags your attention at any moment. Most Westerners have untrained minds, or “Monkey Minds”, jumping from one branch of thought to another, willy-nilly.

Compare this state of consciousness to that of the trained mind. Much research has been conducted by credible (university) researchers on Buddhist monks, and long-term meditators. Here is what some of the studies demonstrate:

  • Meditators recognize subtle environmental cues others miss
  • Meditators rank their stress at much lower levels than non-meditators
  • Meditators experience less anger, and greater compassion and understanding
  • Many ancient healing traditions consider mind-preparation, such as meditation, necessary preparation for practicing the Art of Healing successfully
  • Meditators have higher degree of intuition developed
  • Meditators report less rash reactions
  • Meditators enjoy greater creativity
  • Meditators experience much less pain
  • Meditators have a much greater calming effect on surrounding people and situations
  • Meditators experience less sick time

As compelling as the research is on meditation, still, we have difficulty in investing our time into daily meditation. Meditation could be one of the easiest, most inexpensive boosts to your health, consciousness, and business. 

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