March 10, 2017

3 Ways to Blow It With A Patient Before They Lay On The Table

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success, Practice Management

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1. Your office is a “delicate ecosystem”

The cleanliness of your office also reflects on your company as a whole. If you haven’t yet landed a client, it’s important to make a good impression on them as they visit your workspace for the first time. Clutter, dirty dishes, overflowing trash cans, and disorganized desks send a clear message: you’re overwhelmed or otherwise lacking in professionalism.

And don’t kid yourself: clients know how hard it is to work efficiently in a dirty, cluttered, and disorganized environment. A messy office might make them question your ability to prioritize correctly. They want a company that can handle their account and concerns swiftly and efficiently. (Read two other reasons you should clean your office)

2. Your #FirstImpression is a little rough

The attitude of your front desk team member is so vital – from the phone call to the first office visit and beyond.

Do they stand when greeting a new patient?

Do they smile when they talk on the phone?

Do they have paperwork prepared?

The other side of the fence is: When you treat someone like an “office b***h” they become….

Since I am office b***h, it is my duty to take the garbage outside. (I really should be able to wear jeans and t-shirts to work if I am going to be garbage bitch instead of these nice clothes you expect me to wear. A side point being that you really should pay me more since I have to buy one wardrobe for work and one for home but I digress…) I am definitely not washing the rotten mold funk that is growing in the bottom of the cans. I lift the bags out of the cans and throw them away. If the kitchen stinks because of the funk and the stench is bothering you then YOU clean the cans out. I do not get paid enough to deal with that nastiness.  – From Your Receptionist (Otherwise Known As Office Bitch)

Remember to treat teammates as equal and collaborative partners in yours and your patients success

3. Your marketing isn’t congruent with your delivery

“Think of an advertising product. The Desired Outcome for the customer isn’t actually placing ads. It isn’t even increasing the click-through rate on the ads. Or optimizing spend. Or… or… or… Nope, the Desired Outcome is acquiring a customer… ultimately, we just want to buy a customer.” – Lincoln Murphy

“What’s your customer’s desired outcome?” Knowing the answer to that question, and building your value prop, marketing, sales process, and overall strategy around that answer, will make your company much more valuable to your customers.


You might promote yourself an expert but do you deliver like one?

Have you stepped up your game with new ways to help your patients like this free training series on the Neuro Scan?

Are you following leaders in communication, operations, marketing, technology, and research?

Are you going to the ChiroSushi Summit…ok we had to throw that in there!

But for real:

Check your website, especially if it’s a cookie-cutter template (ugh) and make sure you are not listing services you do not offer.

Make sure your messages on social media matches what you offer in your practice.

Are you making effective decisions about how to improve the experience your customers and potential customers?

This requires the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from your business and the competition

Speak to your patients like the have a math complex!

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