October 13, 2016

10 Ways a Chiropractor Can “Treat Yo Self”

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It’s the best day of the year

Following the enduring wisdom of Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle, treat yourself to velvet slippers, massages, fine leather goods, and mimosas. Debating whether to go for that third doughnut? Treat yo self. Eyeing a new pair of boots? Treat yo self. Considering a spontaneous trip to Australia? Treat yo self.

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How can a Chiropractor Treat Themselves?

Get Adjusted

How many of us don’t “Practice what we Preach?” But, this is obviously the #1 thing you can do to “Treat Yo Self” as Dr. Linda Powers explains:

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Every adjustment we give with love also takes a huge toll on our own bodies. It’s vital for Chiropractors to get checked and adjusted regularly.”

It’s hard for many Chiropractors to take care of themselves because of conflicting schedules and overall life just getting in the way but FIND A WAY and Find a Chiropractor to work on you!


Tom and Donna went big with their final “Treat Yo Self” with a trip to Beverly Hills

After a stretch limo (for two) drove them to the home of Lisa Vanderpump and other Beverly Hills socialites, the two went shopping, got caught by the paparazzi, got their elbows bedazzled, and ate at the most luxurious restaurant in the city (where the sushi is made from fish once owned by celebrities).

May we suggest splurging at a Las Vegas Resort and hanging out with your good friends at ChiroSushi?

Get a Massage

This should be super easy but again time is against us sometimes.

As Dr. Dawn Stranges says

“Massage is perfect solution for Chiropractors after a busy day, week, month or year!”


Get a New Wardrobe

Tom is the resident master of swag and would definitely agree with this one!

Cheif Sumo Tim Schaub likes using the service of Trunk Club – Never shop for clothes again. Your expert stylist will find premium clothes to fit your style, budget, and existing wardrobe. For men and women.

“As busy Chiropractic professionals finding time to go and shop but it’s important for us at all times to look our best and present a professional image to those who know us and those who don’t. Trunk Club could be one solution in developing your own professional style.”

Relax with a Book

Buy yourself a new book at an actual bookstore. Then leisurely head to the park or curl up on your couch (with your new fuzzy socks!) for a relaxing read.

Take a day off work for no reason at all

And then don’t run a single errand or go to a single appointment! YOU CAN DO IT I HAVE FAITH IN YOU. Use your day off to do awesomely unproductive things: sleep in, make yourself a big pancake breakfast, explore new parts of your neighborhood, Skype with friends in other time zones, write a letter to your Grandma. Nap.


If you feel the urge to move while you’re queuing up those tunes… do it! Grab a hairbrush and sing along, loudly. Dance around your apartment in your underwear. Stereotypical chick flick material? Yes.

Actually cathartic and awesome? Also yes.

Buy Something NOW

Buy yourself that thing you want that you’re always putting off. Just do it now. Stop putting it off. Stop feeling guilty. You earned it.

Go for a drive.

Enjoy the silence or crank up the radio. Swing by a drive through if you want or just drive and enjoy the peace.

Binge On Netflix

This list would not be complete without a mention of Netflix. Dying to watch that last season of Breaking Bad? Change into your pajamas and snuggle with your favorite companion: Netflix. Lose yourself in television, film, or weird sci-fi documentaries in the privacy of your own quarters.

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