September 4, 2016

ChiroSushi Rolls of the Week: Vaccines & Chiro, What’s in Your Poo? Passing of ChiroWarrior, Chiropractic and FurBabies…

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Child’s Seizures Eliminated Through Chiropractic

source link ejemplo resume maestro free essay on digital media source link 50mg viagra creative writing programs illinois click enter go here can you buy vyvanse online 7th grade essay samples save environment save earth essay vincent luis arenas vincent arenas resume old age viagra jokes esl essay ghostwriters service uk communications essay essay about technology make us alone top rated resume writing services 2015 follow source how long does a dose of viagra last essay writing of my school get link will writing service peterborough watch characteristics of research paper Where to purchase cialis essay writing student life It’s a scary health condition for a lot of children. On this Wellness Wednesday, Dr. Tiffany Johnson, with Healing Touch Chiropractic along with Sophia’s mother, Sarah Dickens, discussed how her daughter’s seizures were eliminated through chiropractic.


The Passing of Helen McPike Brown, D.C.H.

It is with sadness that Sherman College shares the news of the passing of Helen McPike Brown on August 19, 2016. Her husband of more than 70 years, Gordon Brown, D.C., was near her side at the time, in their home on the Sherman College campus in Spartanburg, SC.

“Helen Brown was a passionate supporter of chiropractic throughout her life,” said Sherman College President Edwin Cordero, D.C. “She gave to chiropractic and to Sherman College unselfishly, and she had a true love for the profession. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family; she will be dearly missed.” – read more


Chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture for your furbaby

YARMOUTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Ruth Dalto’s veterinarian practice Holistic Healing for Animals in Yarmouth isn’t your average vet office. You won’t see conventional medicine or methods. Dr. Dalto treats all of her furry or feathered patients with holistic medical therapies.

How To Explain The New Pelvic Floor Research For Your Chiropractic Practice

Story at a glance:

  1. Adjusting pregnant women appears to relax the pelvic floor muscles at rest.
  2. This may mean that chiropractic care could be of benefit to pregnant women, as it may help them have a natural vaginal delivery.
  3. The pelvic floor muscles have active roles in pregnancy and childbirth, as well as in spinal stabilization.  When the pelvic floor muscles are damaged or stressed over time, health issues like incontinence and vaginal prolapses can crop up, which are problems with massive emotional, physical, social and financial costs across the world and a significant cause of stress for these women.
  4. The primary findings of this study are incredibly encouraging, especially given the fact that quantitatively assessing the effect of spinal adjustment on pelvic floor muscle function has not previously been done. – Read more

What’s in Your Poo?

The nonmicrobial components of feces may have important consequences as we try to grapple with microbiome research

My guess is, you rarely stop to consider the contents of your feces. That’s fine. I’m the sort of person that talks about fecal transplants at dinner parties, but I don’t expect everyone to be excited about it.

But really, fecal transplants are AMAZING! It’s exactly what it sounds like – you take the poo from a donor, and give it to a recipient. This is probably the easiest organ donation ever – as a donor, you’re hardly put out at all (turns out you can make more), and the transplant is pretty straightforward – you can actually go two ways: a tube down the throat or up the bum. But why?  – Read more

Chiropractors see diabetes as a chance for new patients — and profit

Sacramento chiropractor, James Joseph Martin, was arrested in July on felony charges of practicing medicine without a license and grand theft after authorities said he claimed to be a “thyroid and diabetic specialist” who practiced “functional neurology and metabolic medicine.”

According to the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners, Martin presented himself as a “doctor of pastoral science,” licensed by the Pastoral Medical Assn. The Medical Board of California ruled that “doctor of pastoral science is not recognized in California and does not authorize anyone to practice medicine or any of the healing arts in the state.”

What’s noteworthy about the case isn’t that a chiropractor was passing himself off as a diabetes authority. Rather, it’s that so many other chiropractors do it as well — yet manage to stay within the law.

“Diabetes and thyroid issues have become the hot topic among chiropractors,” said Sergio Azzolino, a San Francisco chiropractor who serves as chairman of the Board of Chiropractic Examiners, the state agency that oversees the profession. “Some want to help people. Others are just looking to make a buck.” – Read More

Why Portland’s experiencing an invasion of chiropractors

The group plans to open 11 more locations in Portland and Vancouver by the end of next summer.

“I think it’s an emerging market for us, especially as more people move to the area from California,” said Birkeland, who is also a chiropractor. “The area is just so hot right now, we want to get in there. All of our focus is there right now.”

The Joint was originally founded in 1999 as a walk-in clinic in Arizona. It expanded with private investment, creating new franchise locations in several states. – Read more

The Subluxation is Dead!

Long Live the Subluxation

Mentioning the subluxation is actually hurting our profession and we need to move on.

At least that’s what the former chairman of the board of the ACA would like you to think.

Dr. Michael Simone, past ACA board chair, said at a recent speaking engagement that our profession should renounce several things, among them “the subluxation.” read more

AUGUST 25, 2016

Should You Educate Your Patients on Vaccinations? [ChiroSecure Event]

Chiropractic Thought Leaders Discuss the Vaccine Issue and it’s relevancy in Chiropractic

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